Roeland de Bruin


Roeland de Bruin LL.M.
Project researcher- Junior University Lecturer
Janskerkhof 12, 3512 BL Utrecht;
030 – 253 7153;
030 – 253 7203;

CULTIVATE: A three year research collaboration between the universities of Copenhagen, Uppsala, London, Utrecht and Iceland and part of the HERA Joint Research Programme for the theme “Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation”. With the headline Copyrighting Creativity: Creative values, Cultural Heritage Institutions and Systems of Intellectual Property, the project wishes to investigate the relationship between creativity, intellectual property law, and cultural heritage from a European perspective and against the background of Europe’s multitude of languages, cultures and legal traditions. The project’s point of departure is the recent development in digitization and the many new possibilities of copying, sharing and mass distributing texts and images.

ROBOTICS: Roeland is taking part in the CIER-Robotics group that forms part of Coordination Action for the design and description of the FET-Flagship candidate Robot Companions for Citizens (CA-RoboCom; CIER is leader of the legal group of the Society Workgroup, of which the main goal is to envision and facilitate a socially and ethically robust development and use of Robot Companions for Citizens. Roeland takes part in the workgroup for drafting a Green Paper on Law and Robotics. He presented on ‘Legal challenges in the development of Robot Companions’ at the Eurobotics Meeting inVästeras, Sweden, April 2011.

Relevant experience

  • 2010 – Junior Lecturer/Project researcher Utrecht University – CIER
  • 2010: LL.M.: Master Thesis Private Law, Utrecht University: Forumbeheerder? Informatiedienstverlener 2.0! – over de onwenselijkheid van de aansprakelijkheid van exploitanten van User Generated Content-diensten
  • 2010: LL.M.: Master Thesis Information Law, IvIR, UvA: Linden en de Avatar, over de macht en onmacht van de informatiedienstverlener 2.0 en de communicatievrijheid van zijn dienstafnemers
  • 2008 – 2010 Student-assistant at the Molengraaff Instituut voor Privaatrecht/Centre for Intellectual Property Law, Utrecht University.


  • 30 October 2011, CULTIVATE-progress meeting Amsterdam: Case Study: Digitisation & Online Publication of Indonesian Cultural Heritage in the Netherlands.
  • 2 April 2011, EURobotics Forum Västeras Sweden: Legal Challenges in the development of Robot Companions

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