Lucky Belder


Lucky P.C. Belder
Assistant-professor, Researcher
Janskerkhof 12, 3512 BL Utrecht;
+3130 – 253 7153;
+3130 – 253 7203;

Ms. (Mr. dr. drs.) L. Belder is assistant-professor at the Centre of Intellectual Property Right (CIER) of the Molengraaff Institute for civil law, University of Utrecht. She is  a member of the working group on Culture, Communication and Information of the Dutch UNESCO Commission and advisor on intellectual property, cultural heritage, information policies and cultural diversity.  In that capacity she was a  member of the Dutch delegation to several Sessions of  the Committee of the UNESCO Convention on the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions and the Convention on the Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage. She is also  member of the expert-group on Cultural Diversity, hosted by the Dutch UNESCO Commission, that is to initiate, and evaluate  present and  future projects regarding the Convention on the protection and promotion of cultural expressions. She is secretary to the board of editors of the leading Dutch journal on Intellectual property law IER published by Kluwer. L. Belder is initiator, project coordinator and researcher in the three year HERA/EU-FP7 funded Research project “Cultural heritage institutions, copyright and cultural diversity”, which is part of the international and interdisciplinary CULTIVATE project (2010-2013).

Presentations 2009-2010

  • January 2009, University of Utrecht/ Dutch UNESCO Commission, De positie van intellectuele eigendomsrechten  bij de documentatie van immaterieel erfgoed. (chair)
  • April 2009. Dutch UNESCO Commission, Expert meeting on cultural diversity .
  • March 2009, University of Nottingham/ Kings College London,  “Friends or foes?  Two ways of thinking on the relation between the tasks of  cultural heritage institutions and the protection of  copyright.”
  • February 2010, Expert meeting Ministry of Culture and Science, Het waarborgen  van immaterieel erfgoed  ter bescherming van de culturele diversiteit.
  • March 2010, Counter Conference, Balancing Rights and Responsibilities for Protecting Intellectual Property and Reducing Levels of Counterfeiting, Piracy and Filesharing in the Digital Economy, Expert comment and evaluation on the presentation of “Cultural Heritage, User-Generated Content and Cultural Production.
  • June 2010, WIPO Expert meeting Bulgaria, The context of digitisation: a framework for the protection of Cultural Heritage by cultural heritage institutions in international law.

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