CIER is taking part in the Coordination Action for the design and description of the FET-Flagship candidate Robot Companions for Citizens (CA-RoboCom) – Prof. dr. Madeleine de Cock Buning is within RoboCom co-leader of the Group on Human_RC co-existence, ethics and law, and member of the Advisory Board to the FET-Flagship initiative.

FET (Future and Emerging Technologies)-Flagship projects are ‘ambitious, large-scale driven research activities that aim to achieve a visionary goal’, and part of the EU’s DG INFSO ICT Programme, see

CA-RoboCom aims to develop ‘a new generation of “soft”, sentient machines which will help and assist humans in activities of daily living, in workplaces like factories and hospitals, in infrastructure maintenance and environment monitoring and preservation, thanks to their capabilities to act and interact physically, emotionally, socially and safely with humans’. In CA-RoboCom, researchers from many scientific disciplines, amongst which are neuroscientists, computer scientists, and researchers in the fields of ethics, law and humanities, are now working together with high-tech (robot) industries to create Robot Companions for Citizens. (RCCs)

CIER is leader of the Group Human-RC co-existence, ethics and law, of which the main goal is to envision and facilitate a ethically and legally robust development and use of RCCs. There are several legal issues that need to be addressed by the RCC Flagship including: legal capacity for Robots, legal standing, liability, privacy, standardisation and Robot-generated works.

On behalf of CIER and the Molengraaff Institute for Private Law, REBO Faculty, Utrecht University are as main researchers involved in the CA-RoboCom:
Prof. dr. M. de Cock Buning (Madeleine), Group Leader Human_RC co-existence, ethics and law, member of the Advisory Board to the FET-Flagship Initiatice
Prof. dr. Th.C.J.A. van Engelen (Dick)
Prof. dr. I. Giesen (Ivo)
Drs. L. Belder LL.M. (Lucky)
R.W. de Bruin LL.M. (Roeland)
B. van Dinther LL.M. (Barbara)