Het Centrum voor Intellectueel Eigendomsrecht offers many forms of  academic and post-academic education.

Academic education

  • Beginselen Intellectuele Eigendom (Bachelorvak, 7,5 ECTS) [NL]
  • Nieuwe Media en het Auteursrecht (Bachelorvak, 7,5 ECTS) [NL]
  • Comparitive Intellectual Property Law (Mastercourse, 7,5 ECTS) [EN]
    • The course involves the study and comparison of European Patent Law, with a focus on cases of Dutch, German and English courts, as well as applicable international legal instruments such as the Paris Convention 1883, the European Patent Convention 1963 together with applicable EU Community land other European law (e.g. ECHR 1961). Particular attention will be given to the TRIPS Agreement 1994.
      After a general introduction to the historical background, ideology and structure of the different (national and international) legal traditions, attention will focus on substantive law issues such as the criteria for patentability, the scope of protection, issues with regard to the exploitation of inventions, and enforcement problems.
      The aim of the course is to provide an insight into the similarities and dissimilarities of national and international patent law protection, seen from the perspective of on the one hand the civil law or European tradition and on the other hand the common law or Anglo-American tradition.
      The place of the subject within the curriculum:
      – This is an elective course.
      – This course is an optional module in the Masters programme of LL.M. International Business Law and Globalisation
    • Contact person: Dick van Engelen
  • Communicatie- en mediarecht (Mastervak, 7,5 ECTS) [NL]
  • Mastertrack: Intellectuele Eigendom [NL]